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dragon tiger game

Rules And Strategy Of Dragon Tiger | Muda33

Rules And Strategy Of Dragon Tiger | Muda33

If you’re looking for the best online casino Malaysia to play Dragon Tiger, you’re in the right place. On this page, our experts provide you with the most trusted dragon tiger sites in Malaysia, and rules and strategy that winning in Dragon Tiger. To get started, you may visit to Muda33 the trusted online casino Malaysia.

dragon tiger game
dragon tiger game

Dragon Tiger Rules

The standards for Dragon Tiger online unimaginably basic. It’s one of the most straightforward games you’ll discover, and you can dominate the rudiments a few minutes.

There are two cards or tokens on the table – the Dragon and the Tiger. Think about these as a substitute for player and seller, aside from you can wager on whichever you like. You should simply wager on who will get the higher card from the vendor – Dragon or Tiger. The card esteems are as per the following:

A is equivalent to 1 point

2-10 is equivalent to the card esteem, for example 2 focuses for a 2 card

J is equivalent to 11 focuses

Q is equivalent to 12 focuses

K is equivalent to 13 focuses


Beside Dragon and Tiger, you have a further 5 or 6 Betting alternatives. You can likewise wager on ‘Huge’ (8 to King) or ‘Little’ (Ace to 7) for one or the other Dragon or Tiger (if it’s a 7 all Big and Small wagers lose). That makes up another four wagers.

Another Betting alternative is ‘Tie’, which ordinarily pays out at chances of 8/1 to 11/1. Players will win if both Dragon and Tiger are managed a similar card esteem, paying little heed to suit. A few gambling casinos will likewise offer ‘Fit Tie’, where the card should coordinate in both worth and suit.


Strategy and Winning Tricks in Dragon Tiger

Since Dragon Tiger is a particularly straightforward game, there’s not an incredible detail of complex procedure behind it. This can be very reviving for players, as you don’t have to overthink things while playing. However, a couple of things you can contemplate to play successfully. Below, our specialists share their number one Dragon Tiger winning stunts and tips.


Keep it Simple

Betting on Dragon or Tiger offers the most minimal house edge. Huge or Small is a comparable wagered, yet any seven kills your activity. Also, concerning Tie.


No Ties Allowed!

We must underline this as much as possible – don’t wager on Tie! It’s enticing to blend things up occasionally by staying a few chips on Tie and pray fervently, as you’ll get up to multiple times your stake in benefit. In any case, the house edge is a gigantic 32.77%. You may luck out, anyway the chances are intensely in the casino’s approval each time you bet on the Tie in Dragon Tiger.


Card Counting in Dragon Tiger

Similar as when you’re playing live blackjack, card including can become possibly the most important factor in Dragon Tiger. Checking the number of cards of 8 or above is a decent method to begin, and you would then be able to wager on Big or Small likewise. Or on the other hand you could observe the number of 7s have emerged from the deck, to decide if you ought to keep away from Big or Small wagers inside and out.


Utilize Betting Systems with Caution

Since Dragon Tiger is a clear game, a few group would suggest utilizing a nonexclusive gambling casino framework like the Martingale framework. In any case, the possibility to pile up a significant misfortune on the off chance that you have an awful run versus the little benefit that can be produced using winning is something to remember. Keep it straightforward, similarly as you would in Casino War.